Caring for Your Brandow Mats

Advice To Prolong the Life of Your Brandow Mat


  • Keep mats flat,
  • Retain packaging as storing your Brandow Mat(s) in this will protect it when not in use,
  • Position mats so that the open edge is away from the front of the counter,
  • Wipe the top surface with damp cloth with mild, dilute detergent/anti-bacterial wipes,
  • Take care when sliding in or removing inserts. Placing excessive stress on the seams may result in damage.


  • Cleaning with abrasives or bleach,
  • Submerging mats in water,
  • Folding or rolling mats for storage when not in use.
  • Having the open edge of the mat facing the customer-side of your counter.


Look After Your Brandow Mat and It Will Help to Look After Your Sales and Promotions!